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Mobile marketing case study: Reebok’s ‘Rondo’ integrated mobile campaign

Reebok Rondo'd

Mobile marketing case study: Reebok Rondo | Agency: Inside Mobile | Country: US | Sector: Retail | Format: Mobile

Reebok built a quick and dirty mobile marketing campaign based around the popularity of the Boston Celtics star player Rajon Rondo. In just 8 working days a mobile campaign was launched that reached a valuable target audience of potential Reebok consumers in this entertaining and engaging campaign. Building upon the catch-phrase “You got Rondo’d”, a mobile internet site was created along with supporting viral videos. These bite-sized bits of content prompted users to enter their mobile details to receive a custom ringtone and real-time information via their phones. This case study shows that even on a tight time-line and budget, a targeted mobile marketing campaign can deliver impactful results.

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