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Mobile marketing training: Building effective mobile marketing campaigns

Building effective mobile marketing campaignsMobile is the most intimate of all the digital channels an yet has proved the most difficult for marketers to master. Consumers have high expectations of the value an relevancy of communications they see through mobile and marketers need to be able to meet those needs. Beyond simple SMS connections there are dozens more tools and approaches, and in this Mobile Marketing Academy we examine a broad range from the most simple downloads to mobile websites, social media and mobile advertising. We explore digital strategies ranging from the simple text-to-win, through the more advanced drive-to-web techniques, to mobile applications and geo-location strategies. Almost everyone carries a mobile in most countries, yet most brands fail to deliver any messaging through the channel. Many marketers have tested and explored opportunities with mobile for years, but with only varying levels of success, so this Academy focuses on how to quickly build strategies that work. Expectations remain high and forecasts are robust, so marketers need to be confident in gaining a strong understanding and a sophisticated approach to employing mobile in their communications mix. The Mobile Marketing Academy is supported by case studies and practical exercises.

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