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Getting to grips with online media planning

Digital Media Planning AcademyLearn how online media planning builds on the familiar concepts of reach and frequency from traditional media. Discover how you can get your media space to work harder for you on the web. Find out what's worth tracking and why there are many false friends when it comes to accountability. Follow our hints and tips and discover what you need to know.

If you're completely new to online media, then one way to start is by following what you know. Look for the magazines, newspapers and television media that serviced your clients and their campaigns in the past. Chances are they'll all have online offerings, and that there will be a similar type of viewer logging on. You automatically get the same environment and that brand halo effect of the media property. Just remember to pay special attention to the audience volumes, campaign reach, and whether international viewers account for too many eyeballs. There are dozens of ways to approach online planning, but we've found this useful on the Orientation Level for helping thousands of print and broadcast planners find their webbed feet.

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