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19th March 2008: The Devil’s In the Detail... (And the detail is the data)


“The Internet is brilliant – you can measure everything”. How many times did you hear this phrase in the early days of digital marketing? A few years on, does the promise measure up to reality, or does this sound more familiar: “we’re drowning in numbers, but lacking in meaningful analysis” and “we’ve got half a dozen different versions of the truth”?

The Internet offers fantastic new possibilities to marketers and a new set of tools to learn how to use. To make the most of the opportunities, marketers have to really understand the detail of what’s going on. Why? Because the combination of lots of small incremental improvements can make a big difference.

In this presentation we’ll look at:

1. The problem with web analytics
2. The dangers of ‘last click’ analysis
3. How a taking a view of the customer's journey can fundamentally change your understanding of website data
4. Lifetime value analysis
5. The importance of segmentation

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