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Example lesson: Getting the strategic sales focus right

Rethinking revenue segmentation strategy

Planning your online sales means taking a strategic look at your inventory and the role of product development in your internet business. Increasing internet advertising revenues demands increased inventory and a smart online advertising yield management strategy. Get it right and revenues accelerate; get it wrong and the whole sales and editorial effort is squandered for nothing. Most web publishing strategies fail to unlock major revenues because of failure to invest in the strategy. This digital management strategy coaching exercise will have you question whether you are focusing your efforts where they will bring you strong rewards in the longer term, or is your sales machine purely tactical and opportunistic? Without clear plans, how can you be sure that your business will thrive in the new digital spaces? In-company deployments of this programme are customized to the specific sector and revenue strategy challenges you face. Digital’s consultants can transfer the ideas from our workshops into product development plans for internet publishers.

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