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Case study: Fly Monarch | Agency: Greenlight | Sector: Recruitment | Format: Search

Fly Monarch case studyWhen Monarch Airlines approached Greenlight in 2004, their organic search presence was limited, leaving their competitors to capture the lion’s share of search traffic for low-cost air travel. Today Monarch Airlines occupies positions one to three in Google’s organic results for all of their main flight destinations and they are consistently ranked in the top 3 spots for highly sought after travel search terms including ‘Cheap Flights.’

Tasked with increasing Monarch Airlines’ share of organic traffic, Greenlight devised a full scale search engine optimisation campaign to target 500+ keywords, auditing more than 800 web pages and targeting some fiercely competitive search terms.

Since teaming up with Greenlight, the volume of qualified traffic to flymonarch.com has grown exponentially, reaching a current rate of 200,000 unique visits every month. The success of this campaign is evident in the 143,000 flight bookings it has generated and the 360:1 ROI it has delivered. With consistently prominent rankings across the major search engines Monarch Airlines is now the most visible airline in organic search results for the UK.

Download the search marketing case study | http://flights.monarch.co.uk/

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