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Social Media Optimisation

search engine marketing trainingLots of people say that you should not pretend to be someone else, that there is a danger of being caught out, some have already. The concern is that it seems that few know what to do and how to commercialise social media apart from the big players, MySpace, YouTube etc. So naturally, in its early days of lack of knowledge and misunderstandings there have been screw ups ­ these are just people pioneering, finding their way...

In essence this is where video optimisation fits. Create content using the media that the market wants i.e. Fits with YouTube, MySpace et al, and the surprise is that you can make video clear, fun, interesting and you should not worry about breaking the bank, it does not need to be that expensive it just needs to be well thought out, ethical and honest. You can start with audio, step into podcasting, the people profiting from that the most are Apple, but they have online training videos that you can watch for free ­ it is not that hard, or you can ask your agency to do it, this is where Weboptimiser steps in.

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