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The future for search?

search engine marketing trainingThe competition between the search engines will fuel product development and ensure that the range of options continues to grow,and that the trading model continues to evolve. Role of local search and geo-targeting will unlock a new wave of advertisers and listings, but the fusion with maps and aerial photographs will create a deeper connection between the online and offline worlds. Mapping functionality is just one example of a 'mashup' and new mashup formats will help deliver even more value.

This means that advertisers will have to continue reassessing where they place their budgets because as their websites become more important in customer acquisition, search engines become even more critical as gatekeepers. Look out for the coming battle between global search providers and national business directories and the effect that taking search onto mobile platforms will have.

Like the sudden arrival of mapping a few years ago, the use of images in PPC advertising will create a step change in the market, and the new relationship between Google and DoubleClick is bound to change the sector further.

In terms of trading approaches, the use of PPC and Pay-Per-Action models has really changed the advertising industry and we should expect to see bidding models move to radio, then press and later television.

The conversion of technologies now lets search transfer to mobile phones, but it's still early days for mobile advertising revenues.

What do you think will happen next in your market?

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