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Case study: Nestle tweets in online ads | Sector: FMCG | Format: Banner adverts, Social media on Twitter

061008-TwitterAd.jpgFood manufacturing giant Nestle has come up with an innovative use for Twitter that combines together a mix of digital channels. Their latest advertising campaign for JuicyJuice includes a Twitter feed within the advertising creative. This social media campaign lets people post their own tweets within the advertising that appears online. At the time of writing, the brand is testing it on US sites CafeMom and BabyCenter. Here’s how it works: there are questions inside the advertising space that relate to parenting (How do you stimulate your child's mind? How important are vitamin-enhanced foods to you?). People can write their message or tweet inside the advertising.

Nestle marketers are using the # tag to boost discovery by helping Twitterers recognize it as a keywords. And to prove how integrated and digitally centric the campaign is, there’s a YouTube channel that opens on click through – more food related content, this time about feed preparation and health.

What’s new in this campaign is the way consumers can take part without leaving the website they’re on. By extending Twitter’s reach to anywhere Nestle runs an advert, they’re changing the nature of Twitter.

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