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Case study: Nokia on Facebook | Sector: Telecommunications | Format: Sponsorship and content integration

Nokia on FacebookNokia is about connecting people. The pioneers of mobile phones created the handsets a generation grew up with, and the handsets a generation learned to ‘talk’ with. So how smart and how fitting that Nokia is the brand behind an initiative for writing the rules for mobile and SMS conversations. Getting the most from a new technology isn’t about understanding the functions it’s about understanding how to behave with it. We master the functions quickly, but the behaviour takes longer and as people try out new technologies (from texting to tweeting), there’s a new type of behaviour we have to discover. So when Nokia started thinking about how people connect, it seemed only natural to let their customers do the talking. And that’s what you have right here. A great example of a wider social message, linked to a brand truth, delivered through a sponsorship, inside a community space, using social content - and along the way some great marketing. Like the strapline says, Nokia really are about ‘connecting people’.


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