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Olympia Conference Hall, London | Monday 9th/Tuesday 10th March: 10:00 - 18:00

Social Networking World ForumKeeping on top of the latest trends in social networking is a constant challenge. No sooner have you started building an application on Facebook than people want to be your fans. Just when that corporate blog is ready for the next update you find half your office are already on Twitter. From MySpace and Bebo, to the pioneers at AOL and Yahoo, social media presents a daunting array of choices for marketers.

Enter the Social Networking World Forum, and a rare chance to see the people you need to under one roof in either London, California or Singapore. They’re high level conference and seminars looks set to deliver some of the latest thinking to brand managers from firms large and small.

Join the Digital Training Academy team by dropping by to meet Claire, Peter and more of the team. And if you miss our Ten Golden Rules, then there are free places for several delegates to the show at our social media marketing breakfast in London on Friday.

The Social Networking World Forum is the perfect event for professionals to learn and discuss the future development of social media.

The two day conference and exhibition will provide a focused platform for the global social media industry. The conference aims to address core issues such as monetization, future technologies/services, engaging social groups with brands and how businesses can get the most out of social and business networks.

The event has attracted a range of social networks, global brands and communication companies to speak including: MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, P&G, Plaxo, British Airways, Netlog, Stardoll, Wayn, Reunion, Gurgle, Cadburys, Habbo Hotel plus many more.

Leading speakers announced include:

• Anthony Lukom Managing Director, MySpace UK
• Lorenz Bogaert, CEO, Netlog.
• Kate Burns, Managing Director & Vice President, Europe for Bebo & People Networks.
• Timo Soininen, Chief Executive Officer, Sulake Corporation, Habbo Hotel.
• Jeffrey Tinsley, CEO, Reunion.com.
• Emma Jenkins, Head of Interactive Marketing, Procter & Gamble UK.
• Jerome Touze, Co-founder & Co-CEO of WAYN.com.
• Michael Donnelly, Director-Global Interactive Marketing, the Coca-Cola Company.
• Todd Masonis, Co-Founder, Plaxo
• Frances Dovey, Interactive & Emerging Media Manager, Cadburys.

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