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3 Fast Tips for maximizing the value of Twitter

twitter.jpg 1. What to Tweet?
Keep tweets short with less than 100 characters. Include links to content and use hashtags (but not more than 2 in a tweet). Include images using common twitter image hosting platforms and if you want people to retweet what you post then don’t be afraid of asking them. Spelling out retweet is more effective than using the abbreviation RT.

2. When to Tweet?
Generally tweets posted at weekends between 8am-7pm get the highest level of interaction and engagement, but it does vary slightly by industry. Mid-week is almost always the lowest point for engagement.

3. How often to Tweet?
Ideally a brand should tweet regularly. 1-2 a day is a good guide if you are planning on tweeting most days of the week. 4 tweets in a day should be seen as an absolute maximum.

Download more handy tips, here.

These tips are based on research carried out by Buddy Media and Booz & Co based on data from December 2011 to February 2012.

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