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Digital's top five tips for Web 2.0

5_top_tips_for_web_20_2 If you came to our seminar on Web 2.0 and advanced marketing practices, then these tips will remind you of some of the key takeaways. Whether you work for a global consumer brand, or run the smallest of micro businesses, there are ways you can weave Web 2.0 approaches into your website and your online marketing.

1. Create an environment for participation
- Create structures for user contributions
- Enable communities to form
- Nurture postings and talent

2. Harness collective intelligence
- Give intelligence back to the contributing market
- Explore secondary markets

3. Rethink your data
- Invest in data
- Explore mashups

4. Lever the long tail
- Create a strategy for distribution and syndication
- Look to smallest blog as well as the high traffic hubs

5. Replace interruption with engagement
- Rethink the philosophy of your marketing

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