6 February 2007: Web 2.0 - how can marketers harness this? @ Technology for Marketing in London

Tfm4 Danny's keynote at the Technology for Marketing in February 2007 conference attracted over 400 people. His speech tackled Advertising 2.0, and what marketing in a Web 2.0 world meant for brands and the marketing teams behind them. He looked at
some of the most vibrant communities and explained the rules and structures for
creating successful communities. He presented a combination of hands on practice with the underlying theory which puts everybody in the right place for developing their own online communities over the year.

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Great to hear Cara - maybe share with us some of the approaches you're trying out? And looking forward to seeing the links!


Thank you for the great presentation, learn a lot and already applied few tips.

Thanks again, Cara


Thanks Mike, Fameeda and Tunde: we're all looking forward to reading about your web adventures in our RSS feeds ;-)

Our tips are that you get yourself experienced in how social networks develop so you're better placed to advise your colleagues. Pick something out of life that you're passionate about and go hunting on the web for where these guys hang out. That way you'll be having fun and learning at the same time. Be wary of the 'We need a community' mantra that so many marketing directors seem to have latched on to, and instead think about what sort of community and why. It's great to have bold ambitions, but keep your feet on the ground: why would people take part? What's in it for them? What are their needs that are being satisfied? We're big enthusiasts for social networks and web communities, but that doesn't mean they are right for every firm. And it certainly doesn't mean that a brand can 'control' an online community or even keep control of it's messaging: this is a very democratic place, and one that let's articulate writers voice issues that a brand may not want heard. Rather like this blog anyone is free to give their views, and that's the sort of advice you'll be wanting to give your colleagues. Enjoy the learning, enjoy being a knowledge champion, and build your confidence so you can help shape the ambitions of the firms you work with - however large or small they are.

Tunde Oshodi:

A thought-provoking and inspiring presentation! Thanks xx

Fameeda Jasat:

Hi Danny

just wanted to say i thought your keynote presentation was excellent-its given me and probably everyone else there lots to think about for the near and long term future of the business we work in-very thought provoking



Hi Danny,

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent keynote presentation at the T-F-M show. Lots of great information and plenty to think about!


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