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Shift happens: Did you know?

If you're joining one of our Academies you might like to watch this short slide show first. Switch your sound on to get the most from the content.

We’re living in exponential times. Created by a North American teacher, the Did You Know video is a marvellous way to explain to kids how society is changing and the scale of media and technology change. Sometimes in the digital media industry we are so close to the change and the technologies that we fail to appreciate the scale of the change happening around us. This little video is a great reminder of the scale of change.

About this activity

Technology is shrinking the world and speeding up connections between people. Today’s internet landscape is simply a momentary snapshot of much greater changes in the structures of the media landscape. This short film reminds us of the scale of changes so far and hints at what is yet to come. Think about it through the lens of the changing demands that will be placed on media businesses if they are to maintain engagement with audiences in a new era of competition.

Activity instructions

  • Activity time: 7 minutes
  • Activity status: Optional before your Digital Training Academy
  • Activity structure: Simple slideshow with sound track. Sit back, relax and enjoy.
  • Activity equipment: You'll need a good internet connection for online videos or slide shows. If you don't have access to a good connection then move on, but if it's almost fast enough then start the download and leave it for a minute to complete.
  • Activity support: Email your Academy Manager

Take a few minutes to watch this great little montage that reminds us how fast the world is changing. The digital channels are accelerating this even further, and sometimes in the media and marketing industries we are so close we forget the scale of this. When the story about the growth of technology is drawn together, it’s paints an incredibly powerful picture of change: a society tumbling into the most rapid and unpredictable period as social networks switch through digital channels and information becomes universally accessible. Consider about your own life and what this could mean for you, your family, and your friends. Then think about what it means for the consumers of your brand and the implications for how to reach them.

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