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Lesson: Your Digital talking points? A few quick facts about the market

Whatever your involvement is in internet marketing, it’s useful to have a few great facts at your fingertips, so here are a few we put together based on the UK online media industry. Read through them and share them with colleagues. If you are taking part in a Digital Training Academy then we might have a few more for you as well. Read through them and think about additional cool facts that reflect the growth of internet media or marketing in your sector.

Here are some cool facts about web media and marketing we collected together in early 2008. They are based on the UK online market but they might be relevant for you if you are attending one of our international Digital training Academy courses.

Access booms, and broadband saturates

  • 90% of our audience is on broadband
  • 32 million people online in the UK (Nov 2007)
  • The average UK speed is 4megs

Audience time with media

  • Online second only to TV

Wireless internet access in the UK

  • A third of people used wireless within the last 12 months

There’s a feiminisation of the internet

  • Women 25-34 spend more time online than men of the same age

Internet audiences are getting older too

  • 30% of time online in the internet is the over 50s


  • Growth continues, and now120m people are members worldwide (that would make it the 5th largest country in the world)

Online advertising’s market share of all advertising

  • 14.7% share in the UK
  • 10-12% Scandinavia
  • 9% in the US
  • 6% average across Europe

The search boom in the UK

  • £1.6bn(e) in search alone 2007
  • Google $2.5bn in the UK
  • Remember that search is poorly counted in most countries and much spend misse

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