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Best Practice: Rich Internet Application Ad Measurement Guidelines

The Rich Internet Application Ad Measurement Guidelines determine at what point an ad impression is counted in rich internet application environments built with technologies such as AJAX and JSON. These guidelines specifically address online browser or browser-equivalent based Internet activity, where page content changes and ad serving are no longer linked. The guidelines are applicable to Internet media companies and ad-serving organizations.

These guidelines supplement the Ad Campaign Measurement and Audit Guidelines released in 2004, which details the standard for counting an online ad impression. For companies that have already been audited and accredited against the current guidelines, the IAB recommends the Rich Internet Application Ad Measurement Guidelines be included in the next annual auditing and certification cycle. These Rich Internet Application guidelines are intended to be supplemental to the auditing and certification process. For a list of companies that have already been certified or have committed to a "certified-by" date, please visit www.iab.net/standards/measurement.asp.

"We support the IAB's continuing efforts to create guidelines that can become lingua franca," said Mike Donahue of the AAAA. "These guidelines have been reviewed and endorsed by the AAAA's Digital Marketing Committee."

In an effort to educate the industry on the use of these guidelines, the IAB RIA Ad Measurement Working Group will host a webinar, including participation from the Media Rating Council, to review and explain key components of the guidelines on Friday, October 19, at 12 noon EST. All members of the industry are invited to attend. To register for the webinar, and to download the guidelines, please visit www.iab.net/standards/RIA.aspx.

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