Welcome to the Digital Analytics Academy

Digital training and Web Analytics Strategy workshops for your team

Digital Analytics Academy learning outcomes

  • Understanding website traffic, audiences, and the science of decision making
  • Confidence about where web analytics fits in an organization
  • The role of analytics in customer acquisition and traffic generation
  • An ability to overcome common problems in website analytics
  • Confidently reading website analytics reports and calculating page content types (themes
  • Tracking data over time and selecting key performance indicators
  • Ability to segment customers into target groups
  • Reading search analytics reports and describing the results
  • Using analytics in website design
  • Applying analytics in email campaign management
  • Advanced analytics: from WebTrends and Core Metrics to Google – knowing what the tools deliver
  • Advanced analytics: Knowing how to select the right metrics for your organization
  • Appreciating the role of split run testing and multivariate testing
  • Ability to begin building your digital dashboard
  • Writing your analytics plan
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