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Getting the most from web analytics

Analytics is key to getting more from all of your website, your digital marketing and your organisation. It can help improve the effectiveness of your website's role in the business by showing you precisely how people use the site, what is working well and what isn't performing. In the right hands it can uncover business challenges long before your traditional metrics will pick them up, and act as a nervous system for the organisation. In the right skilled hands analytics can even drive the development of your online and offline products and services providing the most valuable of feedback channels. On the Digital Analytics Academy we’ll help you take the next step in harnessing website and email analytics. For newcomers to the industry there’s a lot to learn, and even for experienced web publishers it’s vital to keep up with best practice in such a rapidly changing market.

The Digital Analytics Academy is the guaranteed way to boost your team’s performance. It shows you new ways you can apply your data, communicate and engage other stakeholders, and focus on what really matters for your organization. Why spend years learning on-the-job if our team can accelerate your knowledge and understanding today? It’s fast, effective and proven. If your organization depends on your website as a key communications channel, then you’re depending on the analytics to show you what’s working. This digital analytics training shows you straight away what to focus on.

Designed by some of the world’s pioneers in online marketing, the Digital Analytics Academy has helped retailers, publishers, manufacturers, and governments improve how they work. Our fusion of classic lecturettes, training workshops, cutting-edge insights, and consultancy thinking is a winning formula that immediately raises your understanding of how web analytics can boost your audiences, engagement, feedback or sales. The training lifts your knowledge, raises your skills, and boosts your confidence.

Before the Academy even starts you’ll receive research papers from us - Digital Insight Reports - and an exercise to get you thinking differently about how web analytics could be applied further. We’ll also want to know about you, your brands, and the challenges you face. This lets us customize the academy to ensure it covers the issues that matter most to your organization right now.

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