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Cannes Lions winner: Nike turns graffiti walls into stores in Brazil

Nike’s latest Air Max launch, created by AKQA, transformed graffiti walls into Nike stores, winning the Media Grand Prix at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.


04/07/2019  |  Full story...

Ford partners with YouTube to make films that identify with car shoppers to drive brand consideration

Ford of Europe wanted to find new ways to connect with potential customers by showing that the brand understood the consumer’s mindset and challenges offered a different buying experience. Ford partnered with Google, YouTube and its global media agency, Global Team Blue) to identify the concerns of consumers based on searches. The brand held a ‘createathon’ in five European markets which produced five unique films.

27/04/2017  |  Full story...

Facial tracking shows Hershey’s’ Simone Biles is most engaging US Olympic ad

Hershey’s’, TD Ameritrade and Panasonic are the most engaging Olympic ads, according to a study which tracked people’s facial expressions while they watched them.

05/09/2016  |  Full story...

Twitter case study: Hellmann’s #ReciTweet creates personalised meals for fridge raiders

This smart piece of social marketing from Hellmann’s in Brazil helped hungry Twitter users make the most of their under-stocked fridges. The campaign sent users personalised recipes based on what was actually in their fridge (with Hellmann’s of course).

18/03/2016  |  Full story...

Search marketing case study: Washington Wizards boost ticket sales 72% with AdWords

The Washington Wizards surprised everyone during the 2013–2014 NBA season by making the playoffs for the first time in five years. To capitalize on the team's success, the Wizards' owners, Monumental Sports & Entertainment, looked to grow ticket sales and attract new fans in the mid-Atlantic region. To do so, it used AdWords ad extensions and focused its ticket pricing strategy on the most engaged AdWords campaigns. The final score? Its overall return on ad spend for the 2013-2014 season jumped 293% and 72% of ticket purchases via AdWords come from new fans.

Washington Wizards reserves

21/05/2015  |  Full story...

Brazil case study: Mondelēz boosts Brazil product launches with smarter search marketing

Mondelēz International, a snacking powerhouse consisting of brands such as Oreo, Nabisco and Cadbury, wanted to measure the marketing effectiveness of two new product launches in Brazil: belVita and Trident Unlimited. To do so, it embraced Google's Brand Lift solution, which revealed valuable insights into the campaigns' viewer retention rates, target audiences and frequency caps. Based on the findings, Mondelez adjusted its targeting and its creative to reach a 15% view-through rate.


21/05/2015  |  Full story...

Reactive marketing case study: How brands welcomed Princess Charlotte

As social media continues to grow as one of the main platforms brands use to interact with consumers, real time and reactive marketing have become a way for brands to capitalise on current affairs and trends to spread their message.

07/05/2015  |  Full story...

Digital marketing case study: How top fashion brands are focusing on the digital runway

The fashion world is increasing its focus on the digital runway, with brands showcasing creative uses of technology as well as the latest fashion trends. Live streaming, social media and real time Twitter cams were at the forefront of AW2015 fashion month with brands such as Topshop, Burberry and Alexander McQueen embracing the concept of digital runways in order to bring their new collections closer to their target audience.


30/03/2015  |  Full story...

Marketing case study: How Red Bull has taken sports marketing to the extreme

Red Bull has taken content marketing to new levels, aiming to be the ‘feature story’ instead of the commercial. The company which began ‘giving people wings’ in 1987 when the first can was sold in Austria, has gone on to become a leading global brand creating and publishing amazing content. Red Bull has connected with its young audience by establishing itself as an enabler of thrill, sponsoring over 500 extreme sports, from base jumping, to snow sports, and even has its own Formula 1 team. Fans are kept up to date with all things extreme through a range of digital channels which even includes its own online TV channel – Red Bull TV.


11/03/2015  |  Full story...

Ecommerce case study: Britax boosts car seat sales with digital optimisation strategy

Back in 2012, car seat firm Britax saw its target audience were rapidly moving online. In response, the brand worked with Shopatron to produce a holistic digital strategy that embraced click and collect, mobile commerce and inventory optimisation. This case study looks at how the UK brand made smart use of technology to get a sales increase of over 150% each month when compared to the same month in the prior year.


13/01/2015  |  Full story...

Video case study: How ‘10 hours walking in NYC’ became the most talked-about viral of the year

Just what is it like to be a woman walking the streets of New York City alone? This controversial video from non-profit organisation Hollaback! filmed the real-life reactions of men as a woman walks around the city. This case study looks at how the video put street harassment in the spotlight, getting a huge 37 million views in just three weeks.


19/11/2014  |  Full story...

Heinz Tomato Ketchup augmented reality recipe book

Back in 2011, Heinz used augmented reality to launch a digital marketing campaign to promote Tomato Ketchup as a cooking ingredient in a number of different recipes. This case study looks at how the popular condiment managed to turn packaging into a fun user experience that got 170,000 people engaged with the brand in a new and exciting way.

30/10/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: How Murphy’s turned Ireland’s rain into beer

Back in 2012, beer brand Murphy’s took a risky approach to app marketing, offering a free beer every time it rained in Ireland over the summer. The move was so successful they did it again the following year. This case study looks at how the beverage brand mocked Budweiser and got over 20,000 downloads.

22/10/2014  |  Full story...

CSR case study: Budweiser tackles drink driving with man’s best friend

Continuing the success of its Super Bowl ‘Puppy Love’ commercial, this Budweiser’s corporate social responsibility campaign carried another canine theme... and a powerful anti-drink drive message that got 20 million views within a month.

14/10/2014  |  Full story...

Eye Mo – experiential water calligraphy events in Singapore, boosted through digital

A perfect example of online amplification of offline experiential PR. In March 2014, shoppers and commuters at the Marina Bay Sands promenade in Singapore were treated to a rare street performance by Singaporean Water Calligraphy Artist, Alew Liew as part an eye drop campaign.

10/10/2014  |  Full story...

Social media case study: Volkswagen ‘People’s Car Project’ wins fans in China

In German, Volkswagen literally translates as "People's Car". To boost its brand in one if the largest and most competitive markets, the car maker started a novel social media campaign in China that let people create and vote for their favourite car designs. This case study looks at how Volkswagen managed to generate 33 million website visits and over 200,000 car designs, extending a year-long campaign into a long running project.

05/09/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: Dove hosts Google Hangout debate on real beauty

Back in June 2014, Dove hosted a debate on beauty at Selfridges flagship Oxford Street store that was be broadcast live on Google+ via a promoted post, as part of its "campaign for real beauty" activity. The ad appeared in real-time as a display advert on webpages linked to women’s beauty and lifestyle.

06/08/2014  |  Full story...

Genius or balls? Airbnb rebrand sparks web ridicule

Airbnb has undergone a rebrand as the accommodation sharing website looks to target more markets, but the new logo has attracted widespread mockery on the web for its similarities to certain parts of the human anatomy.

The company released a video about the meaning of the Bélo symbol (which appears to the left of "airbnb" in the logo):

22/07/2014  |  Full story...

Tumblr case study: Coca Cola ‘happiness’ blog gets 20,000 interactions in 6 hours

Brands can’t ignore Tumblr as a platform, and Coca-Cola was no exception. Back in 2012, Coca-Cola launched a Tumblr blog to share happy content with teen bloggers- with a single post getting 20,000 likes and reblogs within just six hours.


21/07/2014  |  Full story...

Heinz and Reckitt Benckiser get 90% brand recall with 'PlayCaptcha' branded games

In October 2013, Heinz and Reckitt Benckiser were among the first brands to sign up for Future Ad Labs’ advertising format, PlayCaptcha. The partnership saw Heinz and Reckitt Benckiser use PlayCaptcha to increase brand engagement and improve overall consumer sentiment and product recall. Early tests for both Heinz and Cillit Bang indicates that PlayCaptcha delivered engagement rates many times higher than traditional digital advertisement formats, while providing a better user experience for web page visitors.

Watch this video presentation explaining how the 'PlayCaptcha' tool works below:

Brand: Heinz, Reckitt Benckiser | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages | Country: UK | Partner/agency: Future Ad Labs | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Gaming

10/10/2013  |  Full story...

Malaysia Tourism uses a multi-platform BBC campaign to boost favourability


Tourism Malaysia used a multi-platform BBC campaign to boost favourability towards the country as a tourist destination. The campaign used four commercial films exploring different elements of the country’s appeal. These were on BBC World News and delivered these to an audience of upmarket, affluent, frequent flyers, with additional support through print advertising in Lonely Planet magazine. The campaign resulted in 124% uplift in favourability among those exposed to the advertising versus those who were not exposed to the advertising. “The BBC is a perfect platform to reach out to our key audiences.”- Abdul Khani Daud, Director, Advertising Division, Tourism Malaysia

Malaysia BBC case study | Digital marketing case study (PDF)

More on this case study…
Brand: Malaysia | Sector: Travel & Tourism | Objective: brand awareness and favourability | Format: BBC Banner ads |

24/05/2013  |  Full story...

South Africa Tourism works with BBC worldwide to boost visits


South Africa used BBC sponsorship to drive consideration amongst adventurous travellers. The South African Tourism created a series of commercial films and reached affluent, frequent flyers through BBC World News (including sponsorship of Sport Today’s World Cup coverage) and It’s Possible South African Tourism advertising on

Additional support for the campaign came through print advertising in Lonely Planet magazine and a dedicated microsite, which housed the films and provided extended content and competitions. The campaign delivered 26.5 million ad impressions and 48% uplift in recall amongst those exposed to the ads on BBC platforms. Users from over 200 countries and territories visited the South African Tourism microsite.

Digital marketing case study (PDF)

More on this case study…
Brand: South Africa | Sector: Travel & Tourism | Objective: brand awareness and favourability | Format: BBC sponsorship |

24/05/2013  |  Full story...

InterContinental BBC Worldwide campaign goes mobile to create brand awareness and favourability


InterContinental used BBC sponsorship to reinforce InterContinental Hotel’s & Resorts’ reputation for local expertise, creating brand awareness and favourability in the process. The five-part sponsorship supported by a dedicated section on and a splash page BBC Mobile. The campaign resulted in 47% of those exposed to the InterContinental planned to stay with InterContinental over the next 12 months, a 38% increase over those who had not seen the ads on BBC platforms.

Video advertising case study | Digital marketing case study (PDF)

More on this case study…
Brand: InterContinental | Sector: Travel & Tourism | Objective: brand awareness and favourability | Format: BBC Banner ads |

24/05/2013  |  Full story...

How MTN used banner advertising to create brand awareness and favourability


MTN used BBC sponsorship to boost brand awareness and favourability. The communications company used sponsorship on BBC world news and World Cup ads across Africa and the Middle East. The campaign resulted in 97% brand favourability from those who saw the ads on BBC platforms. “Creative and collaborative from the start, BBC Advertising delivered the ideal view of Cyprus to attract our target audience.”- Phoebe Katsouris, Director General, Cyprus Tourism

Digital marketing case study (PDF)

More on this case study…
Brand: Cyprus | Sector: Travel & Tourism | Objective: brand awareness and favourability | Format: BBC Banner ads |


How Airbus used banner advertising to create brand awareness and favourability


Airbus used BBC campaign to create awareness of the Airbus A380. The campaign had a one-day global takeover of key sections on was to maximise the impact of Airbus’ advertising budget and maximising the opportunity represented by the Dubai Airshow. The online advertising campaign on delivered 25 million page impressions in just 24 hour, helping to create brand awareness and favourability.

Digital marketing case study (PDF)

More on this case study…
Brand: Airbus| Sector: Travel & Tourism | Objective: brand awareness and favourability | Format: BBC Banner ads |


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