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At the height of football fever this summer, Nokia launched a smartphone game to coincide with the Euro 2012 championships. This case study shows how the ‘Finger Battle app’ became one of the most popular application so the tournament. For the 2012 Euro Cup that took place in Poland and Ukraine, Nokia Poland wanted to create an app that could keep football fans entertained during the football fever in the country. The game became one of the top 10 most downloaded Euro Cup applications, and it became the 3rd most popular game app downloaded. There were more than 6 900 games played, and the app generated more than 5 000 downloads.

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Brand: Nokia | Media: Mobile app and Facebook | Country: Poland | Sector: Sport/ Mobile | Agency: Wunderman | Format: Mobile app and social media

The app needed to be simple but at the same time entertaining, making it easy for people to play it. They came up with the Nokia Finger battle game.

The two player game requires users to select a team and tap away on the screen and put the ball in the opponentâs goal.

Facebook was used to encourage people to download it and challenge their friends to play. As the popularity grew, bloggers around the web picked up on it and started writing about the game and making short films, showing how to play the game.

Nokia Facebook fan pages outside of Poland got news about the game and created posts on their pages, telling fans to download the game and support their countries.

As the Euro Cup kicked off, Nokia created a scoreboard on the Facebook fan page that allowed players to check which team was on top in the standings. In real time players would see if their wins would help their team claim the number one spot.

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