Charity challenges perceptions with ‘You Are Blind’ game

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To raise awareness around the perception of blind people in Russia as helpless, charity association “The right to smile” together with the agency Hungry Boys, launched a project called Blind. The aim of the project is to change the way of treatment to blind children around us and help to these children not just to live, but to live and be happy for those children for whom medicine help is not available now, to make their life in the aggressive environment of the modern city more convenient.

You are blind from Vlad Sitnikov on Vimeo.

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Brand: The Right to Smile | Country: Russia | Agency: Duval Guillaume | Sector: Charity | Format: YouTube, Video, Game, Social Media, Blogging

Charity fund of social assistance to the blind children of Anna Chapman "The right to smile" and the advertising agency Hungry Boys, together with partners VGNC and Ailove, launched a project called BLIND.

Personalized envelopes containing a blindfold were sent to creative directors of leading advertising agencies and chief editors of major media. The call to action encouraged the recipients to put the blindfold on, and experience what being blind means, by trying to do simple things, like making tea, a phone call or even just try to move around the office.

An additional message invited people to virtually experience blindness in a more complex, emergency situation. On the website they had help a young visually impaired kid getting to a pharmacy, walking around using their body movement tracked by the webcam and being guided just by the environmental sounds of the city.

But this is not it, after completing successfully or unsuccessfully this sensorial experienced, users were prompted to submit their ideas on how to improve Russian cities to make life easier, or at least decent, for visually impaired people.

The results were pretty good, with dozens of ideas being submitted.

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