Skype case study: Alfa Romeo ‘conversation’ ads get 50% click through

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Alfa Romeo used Skype to promote its new ‘Supermini’ car, using targeted ads when users were consulting trusted friends and family. This case study looks at how the car maker used a combination of homepage takeovers and ‘conversation’ ads to increase brand awareness over 20% and generate clicks of over 50%.

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Brand: Alfa Romeo | Sector: Automotive | Country: US | Objective: Build brand engagement | Format: Skype, Display ads |


Alfa Romeo used Skype for a campaign to promote its MiTo, the sporty “supermini.” Alfa Romeo’s goal was to reach audiences when they were consulting trusted friends, family and colleagues and Skype offered a very unique way of doing that through a combination of Homepage Takeovers and Conversation ads.

As a result, the campaign drove double digit lifts in all key brand metrics including the hardest to move metrics such as intent to recommend and intent to purchase.

The results of Alfa Romeo's MiTo campaign reveal that brand metrics rose as a result of the month-long initiative which included both a homepage takeover and Conversation Ads on Skype.
The findings show awareness of the brand rose 19 per cent from the homepage takeover and 25 per cent from the Conversation Ad. The brand message recall increased 120 per cent from the Conversation Ad with an increase of 87 per cent from the homepage take over.

Brand favourability increase among those who recalled both the homepage takeover and Conversation Ad.

In terms of conversion the results highlighted that over half of Skype users clicked on the homepage ad or Conversation Ad, 52 per cent and 51 per cent respectively, and more than one fifth (21 per cent and 27 per cent) discussed the brand after seeing the homepage takeover or Conversation Ad.

Of the results, marketing and communication director for Alfa Romeo, Maurizio Spagnulo, said the brand had "benefitted from the rich media experience Skype delivered and that's critical when you're communicating about media-intensive features".



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