Zuckerberg (and goat) star in Facebook Home launch ad

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Facebook Home is the social network’s boldest mobile move yet- so much so that founder Mark Zuckerberg himself is starring in one of the launch ads (alongside a screaming goat naturally). The ad smartly demonstrates how Facebook Home introduces a fun new experience to Android devices, and also gives us a short glimpse behind the Facebook curtain. The ad was shot on location at Facebook's Menlo Park, California campus, and the people in it are members of the actual product team behind Facebook Home.

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Brand: Facebook | Sector: Social Media, Mobile | Country: US | Objective: Build brand enagagment | Format: YouTube, Vixdeo

Facebook’s bold new mobile interface ‘Home’ launched this week, as the social network looks to ramp up its mobile presence. Alongside two other launch videos (featured below) this one features CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and he’s not afraid to send himself up to promote the features of the new Android based smartphone interface.

The “Launch Day” ad shows Zuckerberg delivering an address to his team, but it soon cuts to Joey, who is swiping, using the new ‘Chat Head’ feature and liking posts on his News Feed.

Everything, including a screaming goat, is played in real-time, highlighting the immediacy and visibility of how Facebook Home changes the Android experience.

See the two other launch ads below:

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