Video case study: Hermès creates ‘digital jewellery symphony’

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In 2012, French leather goods and scarves maker Hermès ran digital campaign with a symphonic video inspired by the brand’s new silver jewellery collection.

Brand: Hermes | Sector: Luxury | Country: France | Partner/agency: United Visual Artists| Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Video

Designed to reach a global audience, ‘The Sound of Hermès Silver’ campaign drew on the expertise of various artists to deliver an artful video that aligned with the brand’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.

United Visual Artists, a London-based art and design practice, created an installation to display the 16 pieces of jewelry on metallic turntables powered by cogs. Lasers scan the turntables and produce a sound.

The sound for each piece seeks to reflect its dimensions and was invented by the musician YoggyOne. Director Caswell Coggins shot and directed the artistic performance.

The video begins with alternately broad and close-up shots of the mysterious arrangement of turntables and cogs. Lasers move over the different jewelry pieces to elicit new sounds.

As the lasers pick up speed, the sounds layer over one another creating a symphonic-like ambience. Eventually, the lasers decisively pluck the sounds from each piece like conductors.

The seven, 60-second films each give an emotion and attitude to a ring in the French jeweler’s new collection. Showing products through video can help draw emotional connections from consumers.

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