Colgate campaign rewards Tweeters with coupons

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In the summer of 2013, Colgate launched Twitter campaign ‘There's Something in Your Tweet', helping people alert people that they have food stuck in their teeth. The Canada-based campaign was created by Union Toronto, letting people send an anonymous alert via Twitter, or if they want to keep it private then they can send a quick email.

Brand: Colgate | Sector: FMCG healthcare | Country: Canada | Agency/Partner: Grand Union Toronto | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format:Twitter, Social media

The message draws attention to the Colgate Slim SoftTM/MC toothbrush’s 17x slimmer tips tapered bristles which provides ‘6x deeper reach’ to help remove stuck food between teeth.

The service allows users to enter someone's Twitter handle or email address and select from a variety of options ranging from popcorn to "super-healthy kale" for what's stuck.

A message is composed and sent and both sender and recipient receive a $1-off coupon for a new Colgate Slim SoftTM/MC toothbrush.

View the campaign material below:


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