Best Vines of the year: Lowes 'lifehacks' tops 6-second video ads

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Twitter’s new 6-second Vine video platform proved a big hit this year .If used correctly, Vine offers a quick yet extremely effective way for brands to reach wider, socially engaged audiences. And as one of the fastest growing mobile apps in the world, this means enormous potential for marketers. We look back at some of the best, starting with Lowes' ingenious visual tips that make DIY seem fun (well…almost).

Lowes Lifehacks

Lowe's released eight amazingly simple Vine videos of cool home improvement tips and lifehacks. The short videos strike a perfect balance between brand promotion and consumer usefulness.

The Lowe's campaign, dubbed #lowesfixinsix, is one of the best uses of the social medium as a marketing tool we've seen yet. #lowesfixinsix uses stop-motion animation to give handy DIY lessons — unscrewing a stripped screw, taking off a stubborn sticker, cleaning a dirty cookie sheet.

To ensure some quality, the brand and its ad agency, BBDO, contracted Meagan Cignoli, a photographer and Vine user who had two shortlisted entries in the inaugural #6secfilms.
Based on a hugely positive Twitter response, we think it's safe to call this particular campaign successful.

Tide gets spooky with Halloween horror homages

As Halloween approached, Procter and Gamble’s detergent brand Tide featured in a series on horror movie parodies using Twitter’s 6-second Vine video format. The Halloween-themed Vine spots feature in digital out-of-home ads in 11 markets; running through to October 31st.
Working with US ad agency Digitas, Tide originally planned to create seven Vines that spoof horror films leading up to Halloween. The Twitter ads will revolve around Halloween-based keywords.

However, after positive reception on social media, the brand decided to increase the output to one video every two days. “People are having a lot of fun with them,” Limes said, “and we are going to keep cranking them out. We want to stay as relevant as possible during Halloween,” said Randy Limes, brand manager, fabric care digital, e-commerce at P&G.

Limes plans to employ Vine spots in Web display ads and other campaigns. “Vine is interesting because it’s not just a launch and leave,” he said. “It can drive engagement for weeks.”
View a selection of the Vines below:

Fruttare Fruit bars

A simple but effective execution, this ad for Fruttare brings a taste of the summer with this lovely little video that's shows how much fruit they pack into one of their fruit bars.

The ad shows how brevity can sometimes be used to a braqnds advantage, pushing a simple but powerful message in a fun way, that leaves the viewer entertained and with a positive brand recall.

AirBnb creates video from fan Vines

Social accommodation app Airbnb launched its first video ad - compiled only using 6-second Vine videos from Twitter fans. The 4-minutes long commercial was composed after the firm asked its Twitter followers to create their own short Vine videos for the film, each of which depicts a different scene with a paper airplane traveling across the world. The video, created by agency Mullen, aims to show how everyone is ‘finding their place in the world’.

In its five years, Airbnb has become a global phenomenon, largely thanks to word of mouth, so the crowd-sourced video is in keeping with the nature of the brand.The San Francisco-based company acts as an online go-between for travellers and local residents, charging 6% to 12% fees on bookings and 3% of what people earn from renting out their homes for short-term stays.

Airbnb’s commercial, dubbed ‘Hollywood & Vines’, aired on the Sundance Channel earlier this week, and can been viewed in the embedded YouTube video below.

Samsung stop motion basketballer showcases mobile range

Samsung is a brand that tapped into Vine’s potential early on. The company has released some masterful videos making the most of the stop-motion format. In this stunning video, an animated basketball player leaps across different phones to shoot hoops.

The ad helps the electronics giant showcase its range of phones and tablets, highlighting how it can cater for all tastes in a fun and engaging way.

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