Toblerone boosts sales 132% with national ‘Thank You’ day

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Kraft Foods worked communications partner GeiserMaclang to create a ‘national thank you day’ in the Philippines to promote its Tobelerone confectionery brand. The campaign was a huge success which can be proved from the fact that official website generated nearly 500,000 hits and the Toblerone sales escalated 132%.

Brand: Toblerone | Sector: Food | Country: Philippines | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Video, YouTube, Viral

A reader’s digest poll revealed that the Philippines ranked amongst the least courteous countries in the world. Filipinos failed at saying “Thank you”. From this sprang the idea of “National Thank You Day”, which underscored the inherent importance of simply saying ‘Thank you’. And with it, position Toblerone as the “Thank you” gift of thoughtful Filipinos.

The major objective of the campaign was to make Toblerone synonymous to the value of gratitude.

The company launched a viral campaign with official support to declare October 20 as the city’s National Thank You Day and giant Toblerone Boxes were given to students to carry around malls to generate buzz.

The result was staggering. There was a 132 percent increase in sales, and the Philippines became the number one market in Asia. The initiative also led to a Congressional legislation by Congresswoman Villar that declared 20 October as ‘National Thank You Day’.

GeiserMaclang won silver for Best Innovative and Integrated Media Campaign in the 2009 Tambuli Awards for Toblerone’s First National Thank You Day campaign. It won an Anvil Merit Award for Special Events, as well as an Anvil Excellence Award for New Media. It was recognized by Kraft Global as among the best marketing campaigns in the world.

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