Brands on Instagram: 6 best Hyperlapse videos so far

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With Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app over a week old, some brand have already started tinkering with the new video tool. We round-up 6 of the best branded uses of the new format that looks set to rival Vine as the next big thing in bite sized video.

The app, currently only available on Apple’s iOS for iPads and iPhones, lets users record a video and choose a desired speed to create a time lapse video that uses Instagram’s stabilization technology and the mobile device’s camera app.Instagram’s video stabilization technology was built through the acquisition of Luma in August 2013.

Early attempts at Hyperlapses have been mixed, from the inspired to some that induce seas sickness.

View this collection of the top six branded Hyperlapse videos below:

Bud Light

A nice time lapse showing how some low alcohol/ calorie beers can prove popular at a picnic- but don't get caught sleeping.

Nickelodeon TV

A behind the scenes look at how Spongebob Squarepants is made.

Honda Canada

A demonstration on just how much boot room there is in its latest hatchback models.

Burtons World

A hypnotic video following one man and his dog on their way to the skate park.

Arizona Iced Tea

A showcase of for the drink's brands range of flavours, downed in seconds.

Jimmy Fallon

The US TV host, famed for his YouTube viral prank last year, latches onto another video trends with this speed-eating cake skit.

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