Food for thoughts: SSP links till receipts to digital surveys

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Food outlet operator SSP, the company behind Starbucks and Upper Crust, partnered with eDigitalResearch to listen to customers around the world and improve the customer experience. This case study looks at how the firm streamlined its customer feedback process while seeing a tangible return on in its customer relationship management investment.


SSP operates approximately 1,980 units in 29 countries serving approximately a million customers every day. With such a complex business, SSP wanted a cost-effective way of capturing how global customers felt in the moment, as well as the ability to report in real-time on what customers were saying.

How it works

Using a QR code or short URL printed on every receipt, SSP global customers are able to share their SSP experience via a short digital questionnaire. Completed surveys are fed through to the relevant SSP customer relations team in real-time and follow up action can be taken immediately if necessary.

SSP’s international and local Customer Experience team are responsible for reviewing and analysing incoming data. Scores and comments are available via one of many SSP branded dashboards – of which there are now 2,500 across the entire business divided by brand, country, region and category, as well as various operational levels.

Each and every unit manager also has the ability to see how their staff are performing in near real-time thanks to their bespoke SSP dashboard. They’re able to celebrate successes with team members, as well as step in when things don’t quite go to plan.


In the UK, the team has pioneered the integration of comments from SSP customers who have shared their feedback on social media sites. Just as with those customers who complete the survey, social media comments are filtered through in real-time to the relevant SSP customer relations team

Advocates of SSP’s brands are also invited to share their great experience with their online friends through the eDigitalResearch feedback system.

Reports and outputs are shared both internationally between the global team and at a local level
with business heads and departments, enabling SSP to make informed decisions on operations, marketing, HR and investments worldwide.

As well as enabling SSP to improve its customer experience on a global scale, the eDigitalResearch solution has also allowed SSP to incorporate feedback into its HR and appraisal system – staff are now fully engaged in the business and aware of individual, unit and company performance.


The SSP Customer Experience Management programme is now live in over twenty countries, including European, North American and Asia Pacific territories.

SSP staff across the globe are now taking immediate action to improve the SSP customer experience.

eDigitialResearch’s customer experience systems meant that SSP was able to keep track of all survey responses, identifying complaints and putting a real value on delighting SSP customers.

Key benefits included:

• Real-time global customer feedback and complaint management
• Proactive customer and staff engagement
• Improved service, operations, reputation and sales
• Tangible ROI on cost of delighting customers

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