Leukaemia marrow donation – online films and PR creates a brand

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A new approach to registering as a marrow donor by combining a government registration process with simple plasters. Online PR, YouTube views, and activity to influence the influencers (in this case through TED talks), unlocked a leap in awareness and an increase in sales of almost 2000%.

On their third collaboration with the 'Help' pharma team, The Lifelong Friendship Society (TLFS) crafted an quirky, humanistically focused video to market the initiative; Help 'I want to save a life', a bone marrow registry kit, now inside every package of Help 'I've cut myself', band aids.

Help teamed up with DKMS, the world's largest bone marrow donor centre to release a bone marrow testing swab in each package of the band aids.

The video depicts 'everyday' incidents (suspicious as they are) where you've cut yourself and urges us to thank these various sharp objects for now we can all be registered bone marrow donors.

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