The ads of Christmas past: Coke’s ‘Holidays are coming’ tops list

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ISBA, the Voice of British Advertisers surveyed its members from more than 400 brands to find out their favourite ever past Christmas ads, with Coke’s ‘Holiday’s Are Coming’ leading the way. Coke’s Festive Ad-campaign took an upswing since 1995 when the drinks giant started rolling out a batch of Special Christmas Delivery trucks lit up with thousands of lights and the words, “Holidays are coming.” The Truck Ad-campaign has been so successful that the arrival of these trucks is considered to be indicative of the on-set of the festive season by many in North America today.

Christmas advertising creates a huge hype in Britain, especially John Lewis’ annual reveal of its newest ad for the holiday season which, enjoys a lot of press leading up to Christmas. Therefore, ISBA decided to find out from its members which past Christmas ads are the most popular among the industry.

Coca Cola’s ‘Holidays are coming’ tops the list, followed by John Lewis’ ‘The Long Wait’ and ‘The Bear & Hare’.

ISBA members’ favourite Christmas ads:

1. Coca Cola ‘Holidays are coming’

(See advert above)

2. John Lewis ‘The Long Wait’

3. John Lewis ‘The Bear & the Hare’

4. Toys R Us ‘Magical Place’

5. Yellow Pages ‘Mistletoe’

Debbie Morrison, ISBA’s Director of Consultancy & Best Practice said: “This year’s ads are vying with some all-time favourites and successes. Christmas 2014 is looking like a close battle between John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. As you can see from our Top 5 of yesteryear John Lewis is dominating the table, although Coca-Cola seems to be hard to battle with. My favourite ad from the list is Bear & Hare, anything that has snow, animals, Christmas trees and tugs at my heartstrings is a winner at what is my favourite time of the year.”

The full list that our members chose from further included:

• John Lewis’ The Journey

• Quality Street’s The Lollipop Lady (see above)

• Irn Bru Snowman

• M&S Christmas Belles

• Guinness White Christmas

• M&S Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without

• M&M’s He does Exist

• Kellogg’s Cornflakes Christmas

• Budweiser Whishing you a Merry Christmas

• M&S Alice in Wonderland

• Boots The Special Touch

• Sainsbury’s John Cleese

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