Gamification case study: AXA online game educates customers on insurance fund

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Less than 2% of the population in Indonesia have insurance. One of the reasons for the low penetration of insurance is a lack of understanding of insurance products. The insurance company AXA saw this as a unique opportunity to redefine insurance and created an online game to educate Indonesians on insurance products.

Case study summary

• AXA redefined and disrupted the insurance landscape in Indonesia
• AXA launched a game - CrazyCash to educate Indonesians on insurance products
• The game was a huge success on social media with over 200,000 tweets and the hashtag #CrazyCash trending worldwide

The challenge

In Indonesia AXA faced the challenge of simplifying insurance and increasing the populations understanding of insurance products.

The solution

As games such as Angry Birds and Flappy Birds are hugely popular in Indonesia AXA decided to launch a game – Crazy Cash, the first insurance game in Indonesia aimed to educate the population on insurance products. The game which is compatible on both desktop and mobile was launched through online media channels:, Yahoo and Google and was the first interactive YouTube masthead in Indonesia to use HTML 5 and Google channel connect.

The results

The game was trending worldwide on Twitter for two days with the hashtag #CrazyCash. In the first month the game had 30 million impressions and over 200,000 tweets. After five weeks the game had 30,000 unique users, over 55,000 plays and 225,000 page views on the AXA website. All this generated online social conversations which were valued at $37,000. The next step for the game is to launch it as a mobile app worldwide.

The game was also successful in educating people on insurance and users could share their top scores on Facebook.

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