Mobile case study: Location data gives BMW UK the edge

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Global auto manufacturer BMW which recently celebrated its 100th birthday, embracing marketing innovations by forming partnerships with brands like xAd and Amplifi using location-based technology to reach desired audiences with the right content, at the right time, in the right place. This case study looks at how the car maker used a location-based marketing campaign to drive sales of its 7 Series.

xAd Showcase BMW X-RAY from xAd Design on Vimeo.

Case study summary

• BMW UK wanted to boost awareness of new car series

• Car maker targeted “aspirers” and “buyers,” to drive engagement and awareness

• BMW UK’s core audience were able to achieve the strongest expansion rates (3% above benchmark)

The challenge

BMW UK wanted to generate awareness of the leading automobile company’s new 7 Series model among a premium audience. By using location as the context, BMW UK was able to go beyond proximity targeting and use digital insights to drive action in the physical world.

The solution

In partnership with media agencies, Vizeum and Amplifi, xAd worked with BMW UK to target the core audience of “aspirers” and “buyers,” to drive engagement and awareness of the new BMW 7 Series among these two groups. xAd’s location data enabled BMW UK to deliver more relevant and well-timed customer experiences. With a better understanding of an individual customer’s profile, in addition to their context, BMW UK was able to be more relevant when targeting its core aspirational and buying audience.

BMW UK ran a store visitation beta study using xAd Blueprints technology, to measure footfall of exposed users. This was a key aspect of the campaign’s measurement to understand how store visitation levels were driven by unique aspects of the campaign.

The results

Using location as the context to reach BMW UK’s core audience, xAd, Amplifi and Vizeum were able to achieve the strongest expansion rates (3% above benchmark), as well as the highest visitation index. Audience targeting had the strongest engagement rates of the campaign at approximately 10% above proximity targeting; showing that users had more time to engage with the brand at home. The campaign has been effective in driving deeper engagement and brand awareness, which are critical to a considered purchase such as a car.

Patrick Zinga, Digital Media & Programmatic Planner at Amplifi UK said, “We are challenged by our clients to be more accountable and transparent, showing the value of media to not only the marketing team but also the dealers. This partnership allowed us to demonstrate to all stakeholders the role that mobile plays in the decision making process, as well as to confirm visitors split by each targeted forecourt. xAd’s outlook on developing technologies which challenge the market and progress how clients see digital, is invaluable as an agency. After all, the future of digital advertising depends on what we do with our partners today.”

Theo Theodorou, MD of EMEA at xAd added, “The luxury car market is a competitive one, with car manufacturers fighting to convert high-earners into long term customers. Buying a car isn’t an impulse purchase, which is why brand awareness and engagement rather than simply proximity was key to the success of this launch. By developing a better understanding of the customer’s profile, in addition to their context, BMW UK was able to be far more relevant and personalised when targeting core audience groups.”

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