Switch from TV and banners to Facebook boosts sales for Fjordland

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Switching from TV and banner ads to a Facebook-only Christmas campaign helped Norwegian food brand Fjordland significantly increase website traffic and sales with just one-third of the budget.


Case study summary

• For its Christmas 2015 campaign, food brand focuses budget on a single channel: Facebook

• Desktop and mobile campaign featured video, photo ads and link ads with festive Elves

• Encouraged customers to visit its quiz website for the chance to win a holiday

• Achieved 14% rise in sales and a 90% decrease in cost per click, for a third of usual budget

The challenge

Norwegian food manufacturer Fjordland was founded in 1994 by Tine, an agricultural cooperative. The company produces easy-to-make dinners and dessert dairy products under the brand line, “Fjordland—so tasty, so simple!”

For its last 3 Christmas campaigns, Fjordland has used a quiz on its website to introduce people to its Christmas products. Its campaign objective was to maximise the number of website visitors to drive sales.

The solution

In previous years, Fjordland had experimented with other media channels: first TV plus banners, and then banners plus Facebook. For its Christmas 2015 campaign, the company and its agency MediaCom decided to instead focus its budget on a single channel. Facebook’s high levels of reach and engagement made it the ideal choice.


Knowing that its target audience responded well to polls, product-related promotions and meal suggestions, Fjordland combined these elements into a series of ads featuring a lovable pair of Christmas elves. The desktop and mobile campaign—encompassing video, photo ads and link ads—showcased Fjordland’s products and encouraged customers to visit its quiz website for the chance to win a holiday.

The results

Switching to a Facebook-only campaign proved highly profitable for Fjordland: sales increased by 14% year-on-year, with only a third of the budget of previous years. Removing TV and banner ads from its media mix allowed the company to increase both website visits and overall sales, whilst significantly reducing its cost per click.

Highlights of the 9-week campaign, which ran from November 2015, include:

  • 14% year-on-year uplift in sales

  • 90% decrease in cost per click

  • 2X increase in website traffic
  • Lars Arild Thomte, Digital Manager, Fjordland said: Facebook has grown to be our most important digital marketing channel. It’s far more efficient than traditional banner ads in terms of reach, engagement and cost. This campaign’s year-on-year results proved that it had even beaten TV advertising. We are also very pleased with the use of Facebook as an “always on” channel, with its remarkable segmentation possibilities.

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