L'Oréal delivers precision marketing through DoubleClick

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DoubleClick helped L’Oreal to understand the entire customer journey across all publishers and channels

Case study summary

• Beauty brand wanted to launch new product in Italy- Pure Clay Masks
• Consolidated all media buying into DoubleClick platform, and used custom affinity audiences
• Used storytelling element in serving and sequencing different formats across different publishers and channels
• Lower cost per view than industry benchmark for Italy with 39% view-through rate and 10% reduction in bounce rate

The challenge

L'Oréal Paris wanted to promote the launch their new range of Pure Clay masks across digital devices. Skincare is a personal product, so they wanted to use advanced marketing techniques to increase brand awareness and drive effectiveness. The first step was to build a task force made up of the in-house marketing team, iBeauty by Publicis Media and DoubleClick to identify and understand the right market.

The solution

The team consolidated all media buying into one platform – DoubleClick – so it would be possible to control frequency and reach users a predefined number of times. To ensure messaging would resonate, L'Oréal Paris identified audiences that had an interest in beauty products and already had an affinity to the brand.

L'Oréal used Google Trends to understand the topics people were searching around the subject of facial masks, and matched his information to the key benefits of their products. Using DoubleClick’s custom affinity audiences solution, they then created five custom audiences within the desired demographic. Using their own first-party data, these audiences were drawn from across Google platforms based on user behaviours – what they were searching for, what videos they were watching, their interests and their passions.

The team launched the campaign by delivering video ads across multiple channels (including TrueView on YouTube) in order to fill the first two phases of the funnel, brand awareness and consideration. People were initially shown videos based on the targets defined in DoubleClick Bid Manager. For their second exposure, consumers were shown another video, adding a storytelling angle to the campaign.

L'Oréal Paris helped the consumer find the product for them, provided education and motivated them to find more content. This approach effectively introduced users to the product before driving them to the brand’s website and owned content.

L'Oréal and iBeauty by Publicis Media leveraged the measurement capabilities of the DoubleClick full stack, including DoubleClick Campaign Manager and Google Analytics. This was crucial in developing an understanding of users’ behaviour and engagement across publishers and channels with an entire view of the customer journey from first exposure to landing on the website.

The results

The campaign produced excellent results, with a cost per view that was half the benchmark for consumer packaged goods in Italy. The 39% view-through rate also beat the country’s average benchmark for consumer packaged goods (25%). L'Oréal Paris also used a brand lift survey and discovered the campaign produced a 37% lift in ad recall and 13% lift in brand awareness.

Massimo Bellato, Head of Digital Marketing, CPD Italia L’Oréal, said: “We will definitely use DoubleClick again. It's very effective as a platform: from defining the right audiences through to measurement of the campaign”.

Daniela Schnellinger, Business Partner, iBeauty by Publicis Media, added: “Using DoubleClick helped us to understand the entire customer journey across all publishers and channels.”

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