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Email marketing case study: Amazon

Email marketing case study: AmazonAmazon delivers a personalised service by sending the right message to the right person, not any message to everyone. The company understands what the customer is interested in and makes it relevant at the right time in order to drive sales.

Building trust is also key to their success. Branding has taught the consumer that Amazon is big, cheap, and charges no postage. It has also reassured the consumer that Amazon is the best value for money, so they don’t shop around.

Effective implementation of ERM has led to customers trusting the company and its processes, which means that customers are happy to leave their credit card details and shop in safety.

Amazon’s site itself employs a simple but powerful search engine, to allow customers to find items quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the Amazon service and customer care centre keeps purchasers informed about postage status. This strong customer service is key to the repeat purchase.

The end result, as a combination of the factors listed above, is Amazon retaining its customers - people who shop on the site are customers for the long term.

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