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Mobile marketing case study: Motorola MotoBlur | Sector: Telecommunications | Format: Outdoor, print

Proposition: The device for people who want all their social media and services combined into a single stream and device, giving them better control over their lives, relationships and content.
Media format: out of home projection

Location: Urban transit systems, London, business district

Academy comment: Combining services and the device together explains to people what the real benefit of purchase is. This is a good example of getting the right content into the right place at the right time for the right target consumer. London's commercial districts are a perfect place for targeting media spend. Half the people on this platform would have a smartphone and this market is highly influential on national media and trends. The creative message is simple, and using icons of digital brands like Facebook that everyone is familiar with already means there's no need to explain a complicated message. Motorola is being squeezed hard in the smartphone market and this type of advertising is heir stake in the ground to show the devices have the same basic capability as those from other manufacturers.

Footnote: The advert in the sequence that follows it is a neat example of good media planning. The effectiveness of marketing this charger mat for mobile phones is amplified because the consumer is already in the mindset of thinking about mobile.

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