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Search engine marketing training: Writing for Google

Getting your brand discovered in search engines demands paying constant attention to best practice. Writing for the web demands translating the language consumers use into language that fits into the key elements of the visible page content on your site. By using headlines you can tell Google and other search engines what is most important and help boost your rankings in natural search results for the terms that matter.

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Activity instructions:

Time: 10 - 15 minutes

Status: Part of your Digital Search Academy training programme

Structure: This is a simple audio lecture to get you thinking about applying keyword and keyphrase research more deeply to your website content

Equipment: Although this short audio lecture can work without sound, there is a detailed audio commentary that will play automatically

Help: I need tutor support

Outputs: When finished, think about how you could apply this to your current web pages; try a test with one page of content that is 'optimised' for search engines; check for its discoverability after the search engine spiders have next visited your site; revise your plan and then build out more content and more pages

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