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Case study: Coke - Grand Theft Auto | Sector: FMCG | Format: Video and viral

Coke Grand Theft AutoThis television style commercial uses the classic tease and reveal model. It builds a story which is entertaining and engaging. By releasing it on line the web Coke build discussion among key target audiences. The fact the origins of the idea are in an online game gives a synergy with the target audience and the viewing environment. The creative is really a classic television commercial that simply takes an icon of the digital gaming world – Grand Theft Auto – and builds a story around it. The way it was deployed then created a greater effect...

  • Harnessing social media content by developing a viral effect for transmitting the message through YouTube and email
  • Using online gaming characters and visualisations to build brand equity and message association between Coke, the brand and the coolness of the game
  • The brand exploits an icon of digital entertainment in a way that is synergistic with the expectations of the target consumer
  • The brand succeeds in creating content that successfully parodies one of the world’s leading games

Watch the video

The way this content builds brand personality and engagement is powerful because it achieves the message in the media channel of choice for its consumers. Coke benefits from the brand association to Grand Theft Auto. The scale of adoption inside the social networks may not be vast, but the work continues to build awareness of the content and lets it resonate over time.

The model of personality and awareness building purchase intent and creating purchase triggers is well understood by FMCG marketers and as brand image strengthens, brand messaging achieves cut-through and the brand adorers grow. For a superbrand like Coke, awareness will always be extremely high among all consumers before any campaign, but this type of marketing is effective in boosting purchase intent and raising front of mind awareness.

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