Pinterest case study: Mixing Pinterest with Facebook gets 32% increase in followers

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cs%20lowes%20pinterest.jpg Social media ‘pinboard’ Pinterest is on the rise, but how can marketers tap into its potential? This case study looks at how US-based home improvement company Lowes combined its Pinterest board with Facebook to boost its follows by 32%.

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Brand: Lowes | Media: Pinterest, Facebook, Social Media | Country: US | Sector: Retail, Ecommerce, FMCG

Lowes initially used their Pinterest board to pin product images, podcasts and featured boards with certain styles. However, since adding a Pinterest tab on their Facebook Page, which features the full functionality of Pinterest, they’ve seen an increase in followers of their boards by up to 32%.

On Lowe’s Facebook page, different functions of Pinterest have been used to brands advantage. Lowes integrated Pinterest to their Facebook page, giving their users a chance to pin product images, podcast and featured boards with certain styles.

Lowes has allowed full functionality of Pinterest within the Facebook tab. The benefit of this is that users can now use Pinterest to pin and repin items without logging out of Facebook. As a result of this, Lowe’s saw an increase of followers of their boards by up to 32 %. They have now reached over 3000 followers on their Pinterest account, with individual boards seeing an increase of followers of up to 62 %, showing the huge potential of integrating the two.

The fans loved the idea of using Pinterest along with Facebook, which led to increased engagement rate. This also enhanced the visual appeal of the page, so a lot of fans started spending more time on the page. They displayed different boards like ‘craft ideas’, ‘family projects’ and ‘outside home’ to encourage their fans to check out different products they had to offer.

Digital case study: Lowes Pinterest page | Facebook case study: Lowes Facebook page

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