YouTube Case Study: Coca-Cola ‘security camera’ ad gets 5m YouTube views in one month

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This heart-warming video from Coca-Cola continues the beverage giant’s ‘Happiness’ brand message, turning the negative perception of security cameras into something much more positive- boosting customers perception of Coke in the process. Historically, Coca-Cola has understood better than most that if you make people feel good while watching your advertising, it rubs off on your brand. The video has racked up over 5.4 million YouTube views and 44,500 ‘likes’.

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Brand: Coca-Cola | Media: Video, YouTube | Country: Global |Sector: FMCG | Agency: Landia

YouTube case study

Security cameras are often associated with traffic accidents, robberies and people throwing cats into rubbish bins. However, in this video Coke shows us how happiness can come from looking at the world a little differently.

Made up of a selection of clips from surveillance cameras around the world the ad features activities like people stealing kisses, dealers of ‘potato chips’, attacks of friendship and friendly gangs.

The 90-second adw as made by production company Landia for Coca-Cola Latin America.

Marin Mercado, creative director behind the advert said, “People tend to associate security cameras with negative events, but we wanted to disprove that assumption by demonstrating the abundance of happy events and actions they capture.”

The ad finishes on the tag line “Let’s look at the world a little differently,” followed by the ubiquitous Coca-Cola bottle.

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