Huggies turns Facebook babies into Olympic stars

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To coincide with the Olympics, Huggies Israel launched this Facebook video campaign, adding personalised sports commentaries for user-submitted baby videos. Huggies Israel enlisted the help of Israel’s most famous sports commentator, Zoheir Bahalool who provided a running commentary on each burp, roll and tumble for each baby video submitted to the Facebook page. The campaign attracted 40,000 unique users in Israel, with the average time on the page reaching 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

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Brand: Huggies/ Hogla | Media: Facebook | Country: Israel | Sector: Pharmaceutical & Medical | Agency: McCann Digital, Tel aviv | Format: Video and social media

The video’s were then sent the video back to the parents, to show off to friends and family (and to keep for likely be embarrassing their offspring with when they turn fifteen).

The creative and funny campaign made smart use of targeting, with Facebook proving a popular desination for parents, while the campaign provides a novel and free keepsake for mums and dads.

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