Case study: Ubisoft triples game sales via Facebook targeting

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Ubisoft managed to triple sales by 300% in just 3 months through a targeted Facebook campaign for its Settlers Online game by focusing on users most likely to convert and purchase. This case study looks at how the games giant made smart use of targeting and bid optimisation to get the most out of its ad budget.

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Brand: Ubisoft | Country: Global | Agency: DMG | Sector: Gaming, Social Media | Format: Facebook

Ubisoft was looking for a way to improve the quality and quantity of Facebook leads while working within their cost per lead (CPL) requirements. The firm picked digital ad technology provider DMG to promote its strategy game Settlers Online on Facebook.

DMG managed to increase sales by 300% in three months and leads by 400% in six months for Ubisoft's the Settler Online Facebook acquisition channel.

DMG's social media division DMI succeeded in boosting Facebook ad performance by using their advanced proprietary advertising platform, PerformR to hyper-target and optimize towards quality users most likely to convert and return to make repeat purchases for additional games and related products.

DMI was able to optimize towards high revenue clients by running higher performance ads with lower costs. Using their propriety technology platform PerformR, DMI tested different combinations of user segments, demographics and creative to serve the best ad for each audience. In addition, by using advanced bid optimization techniques, they achieved lower prices than the cost per lead (CPL) goals -from the very first day.

"DMI has demonstrated time and again an ability to deliver quality players from Facebook at our set CPL goals", commented Thomas Painçon, Digital Publishing Director. "As a result, we have significantly increased our ROI on Facebook for our top performing online game."

"In addition to increased quality leads we are developing Ubisofts' social community and cultivating more lead acquisition strategies," said Rinat Meseritz VP Social Media. "We are also committed to boosting Ubisoft's digital advertising performance bycombining media channels utilizing our cross platform approach."

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