Diamond Dash uses Facebook registrations to reach new audiences

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Diamond Dash implemented ‘Login with Facebook’ to create an easy way for new users to sign up, and helping users find friends and recruit new customers quickly by logging in with their Facebook account, without the need to create new usernames and passwords and unnecessary typing. It allows players to invite friends to join the game and lets players who finished their daily allocation of games ask their friends to send them new lives. It implemented the Open Graph actions such as reach a level, win a medal, unlock feature. As a result users who log into the game via Facebook are eight times more likely to spend money, and spend 50% more on average. The percentage of users choosing to Login with Facebook via single sign on has continued to rise since the game launched – from 28% of users in December 2011, to 64% and rising at the end of March 2012.

Facebook case study | Diamond Dash

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Brand: Diamond Dash| Sector: Gaming | Objective: Reach out new audiences| Format: Facebook Page

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