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Reuters used Mass Relevance to curate over 100,000 Tweets for its Davos Media Wall during the World Economic Forum. When the Reuters editorial team had its kickoff meeting for Davos, the objective for their 2012 conference was clear: surface the best articles, blog posts, videos and photos from the event so everyone could see the active conversation happening at the event. Alex Leo, Reuters' Director of News Products, faced a familiar challenge. Reuters wanted to capture both the day-to-day networking, conversations, and on-line commentary taking place at the World Economic Forum, and the pictures and videos that offered viewers a deeper insight into the conference.

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Brand: Reuters | Country: US | Sector: Media | Objective: build brand engagement | Format: Twitter

Reuters used Twitter to capture both. Alex contacted Twitter partner, Mass Relevance, asking them to build a "Media Wall" that Reuters could use at conferences, political conventions, sporting events, and more. They debuted the wall at Davos, capturing all the photos and videos being tweeted, allowing users to see full resolution versions of the photo or watch videos in-line.


In order to aggregate, filter, and display the most relevant content, Mass Relevance used Twitter's API to access the latest real-time data, and then auto-curated photo and video-bearing Tweets, funneling the rich media into a single stream. The photo wall visualization built on consumed the Tweets via the Mass Relevance API, and then displayed them in a grid on-line where all visitors could engage.

Reuters used the World Economic Forum's Twitter list for Davos 2011 to determine who would be in attendance, and created a stream for the wall that excluded any Tweets without rich media. The team created a second list of all attendees, excluding Tweets that were not in English and Tweets that used profanity. Reuters incorporated the Twitter lists as a key part of our Davos page. When users visited the site and saw the Tweets associated with media from the event, they could retweet, reply, or favorite from within the Media Wall. Mass Relevance refers to Twitter's Developer Display Requirements when building apps for customers like Reuters.



During the four day conference, over 100,000 Tweets were sent using terms like @WEF, #WEF, #Davos,@davos, and #DavosToday. Mass Relevance curated and approved 11,247 Tweets that were displayed at on the Media Wall. The team had Reuters TV running around the clock with hundreds of articles pouring in, and a page that showed who was networking with whom, who was expounding on the Euro (and what the reactions were), who was playing in the snow, and everything in between. Reuters captured all the moments one would generally miss at an event like this by turning the Davos crowd into real-time reporters from the event.

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