V Energy lets users swap Facebook profiles for an hour

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To promote its drink in Sweden, V Energy ran a risqué campaign that invited friends to swap Facebook profiles for an hour. As part of its 'Switcheroo' campaign, The Australian energy drink V challenged young Swedes to write whatever they want on a friend´s Facebook wall for one hour. Their only problem is that their friend could update your profile at the same time. The campaign, created by agency Jung von Matt. aimed to reinforce the drinks brand’s easy-going Aussie roots with a tagline "No regrets, mate".

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Brand: V5 | Country: Sweden | Sector: FMCG Drinks | Objective: build brand engagement | Agency: Jung von Matt | Format: Facebook, Social Media

To take part, users had to log into Facebook and choose a friend to switch profiles with. If the friend accepts, they then had an hour each post five times on each other's walls.

They could post whatever they like, but did not get access to each other's privacy settings or passwords.

The Switcheroo app offered a trip to Australia as a prize for the funniest post.



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