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Amid growing uncertainty about the origin of mass-produced food, this timely McDonald’s app turns users' iPhone’s into an ingredient tracker. McDonalds partnered with DDB Sydney to launch the TrackMyMacca’s app in Australia. By using the camera feature of their iPhone, iPad or iTouch, diners can scan the image of the particular food item they have purchased. Using GPS and the free Wi-Fi in McDonald’s outlets, as well as taking note of the date and time, the app is able to access the company’s supply chain. It can, for example, identify the source of ingredients used to create the meat patty in a customer’s quarter pounder, right down to the particular cattle farm.

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Brand: McDonalds | Sector: Food, FMCG, retail | Country: Australia | Agencies: DDB Sydney | Objective: Build brand engagement | Format: Mobile |

Other ingredients such as the bun, pickles, mayonnaise and fries can also be located.

While some have critiqued the app, arguing that people who genuinely care where their food is sourced from would not be opting to eat at McDonalds anyhow, Mark Lollback, chief marketing officer, McDonalds is extremely pleased with the concept, according to B&T.

“As a business we’re incredibly proud that over 90 percent of our food and packaging needs are met right here in Australia," Lollback said.

"This innovative app from the DDB Group is another way for us to share this with our customers, putting them in the driving seat and allowing them to see for themselves where our food comes from and what happens on its way to their plate.

“The TrackMyMacca’s app is a world first for McDonald’s and we’re really happy to have partnered with the DDB Group to deliver this our customers around the country.

“Using GPS technology partnered with augmented reality, any Australian with an iPhone, iPad or iTouch can now use the app and track where different ingredients of the specific meal they are having has come from.”

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