Reebok ‘Butt Revolution’ boosts customer engagement via Facebook shares

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To promote its ‘EasyTone’ trainers designed to boost fitness, Reebok India integrated social media into a new campaign under the title ‘Butt Revolution’, designed to inspire women to share stories get fit, while promoting the sports brand’s latest footwear. This campaign was activated on Facebook on the Reebok India channel, and led to a fan base of 40,000 in 2 weeks with 90% users being Women. The campaign not only led to awareness and positive perception but also led to 12 Fold Increase in sales.

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Brand: Reebok | Sector: Sports, Clothing | Country: India | Objective: Build brand enagagement, drive sales | Format: Social Media, Facebook, Video, YouTube

EasyTone was pitched as a trainer that toned with every step taken. While activating women consumers on internet the biggest challenge was that we were aiming for a mindset change in women and to look at sports footwear differently.

The objective of the campaign was to position Reebok EasyTone among the key clusters and drive relevant WOM and awareness by engaging the target audience and drive purchase consideration for Reebok Easytone range of Shoes.

With this campaign, Reebok went beyond buying media on the web. The idea was to introduce something new and exciting that users can engage in and have fun such that the brand remains unobtrusive and yet we manage to communicate the key messages. Media Strategy was to make a platform which was highly targeted & drive high engagement with an exclusivity angle to make the campaign viral. Unlike going for a microsite route, Owned platform of facebook was created to drive a direct connect with the core proposition of toning butts, we coined the terminology “The butt revolution”.

This campaign was activated on Facebook on the Reebok India channel


To ensure reach and impact for the brand, Reebok came up with a solution to make a platform and drive relevant engagement with the audience augmented with the exclusivity angle. A campaign called Butt Revolution had the direct connect with the product proposition of body toning.

A Facebook application with features like Toned Messaging Service (TMS) were coded messages which only females could see. This reflected on the walls as a series of pictures of toned butts and legs which created both hype and curiosity for the activity and created a good viral effect.

Other features were Groove it Up (upload their butt shaking video which is left for the users to rate), Ask the experts and Jiggle Alerts. Using FB page as lever, there were different points of engagement made available. User looking for fun could engage with the TMS – Toned Messaging Service – a radical and fun concept which merged the product benefit with a fun social media tool brilliantly.

If looking for fitness advice they could connect with Reebok experts and get response within 24 hours.

User looking to win easytone could upload a video imitating the TVC On Mass media, took targeted properties like Yahoo messenger and Logout banner which created impact and was targeted to our female TG only. The users were directed to the Facebook application page only.


An optimum selection of targeted properties across relevant genres like email, chat and social media delivered maximum relevant reach. The campaign led to a fan base of 40,000 in 2 weeks with 90% users being Women which was the end objective. Within the Target group 120,675 TMS messages were shared. 4,000 Butt videos uploaded, 3000 fitness queries asked 4000 people subscribed for Jiggle alerts Effectiveness- 40000 active fans on FB page in 2 weeks Campaign not only led to awareness & positive perception but also led to 12 Fold Increase in the sales. Client speak EasyTone campaign was one of the best planned & executed campaigns of Reebok leading to consumer delight and engagement


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