Case study: Interactive landing pages boost Mobster mobile ad conversions by 58%

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Mobile content entertainment company, Mobster was seeking new ways to boost mobile profitability and to increase the number of new subscribers for its mobile apps. It engaged ad network DMG (DSNR Media Group) to drive improved performance for online advertising in the Dutch market. This case study shows how the optimised ad targeting resulted in a 194% increase in conversions.

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Brand: Mobster | Sector: Mobile | Country: UK | Agency/partner: DMG | Objective: Build brand enagagment, drive sales | Format: Mobile ads

Mobster wished to promote a novelty app that turned a smartphone camera into an X-Ray scanner. DMG believed that the best way to boost conversions was to give viewers a full taste of the application in the ad itself, which would increase the likelihood that viewers will download. The DMG creative studio created an HTML5 version of Mobster’s static JPEG landing page, enabling viewers to catch a sneak preview of the app by showing how an X-Ray image magically appears as you scan images of friends and colleagues.

Richer HTML5 Landing pages boosted conversions

The ROI improvements were immediate, with a 58% increase in conversions proving that rich media ads significantly increase viewer engagement. DMG's HTML5 landing pages also increased campaign efficiency by eliminating the need to develop and manage landing pages customized for each mobile environment. HTML5 landing pages reach multiple devices including desktop, mobile, tablet, and TV, and are powerful and modular by handling different formats, including documents and multimedia applications. DMG leveraged HTM5’s capabilities to create ads that were more energetic with higher visibility, greater user engagement and interactivity.

Optimized ad targeting allows focus on highest converting users

DMG decided to improve results even further, by optimizing ad targeting using Traffiliate for Mobile, which tracks user activity by device manufacturer, operating system, model, location and demographics to identify and target the most profitable users. Using Traffiliate for Mobile they targeted high converting users such as online gaming enthusiasts and heavy mobile application users and monitored performance by days and time to determine optimal schedule for ad serving. By continuously monitoring ad performance and tweaking parameters they were able to improve results even further boosting conversions by over 190%. As a result of their success, DMG was selected to boost results for several additional mobile apps, and is still running the X-Ray scanner campaign for Mobster in the Dutch market today.

View a live demo of the campaign here

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